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The Womengineer Foundation gives over 2,200 girls and non-binary individuals aged 13-19 the opportunity to experience life as an engineer

Womengineer, a foundation dedicated to increasing diversity in technology, is proud to announce the ninth annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGEday) taking place this Friday, March 31st. IGEday is a nationwide initiative where 84 companies open their doors to girls and non-binary youth between the ages of 13-19 to experience a day in the life of an engineer. Among the participating companies are industry leaders such as Blocket, Amazon Web Services and IKEA.

On March 31st, over 2,200 participants will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what technology is and how it is used in society. Additionally, the event provides an opportunity for attendees to meet and network with engineers and role models, thereby increasing their self-confidence and motivation to pursue their passions in the STEM field.

”I found it exciting to learn from other people’s experiences,” said a previous IGEday participant. ”The best part was being inspired and talking to people with different jobs to get an insight into what I can do after I leave school. I really enjoyed the visit,” added another.

In Sweden today, there are approximately 300,000 girls and non-binary individuals aged 13-19. Stiftelsen Womengineer dreams of every one of them having the self-confidence and knowledge to choose their own future.

”IGEday provides a unique opportunity for young girls and non-binary individuals to meet successful women and non-binary individuals in the engineering field, which offers the chance to learn and be inspired to pursue a career in STEM,” says Marie Ideström, CEO of Stiftelsen Womengineer.

Stiftelsen Womengineer is led by Marie and her team of 16 volunteers. The work is conducted as a social entrepreneurship financed by partnerships associated with IGEday. In addition to IGEday, the organization primarily uses social media to raise awareness. Since last fall, a podcast has also been produced where engineering students discuss current issues and interview role models in the field of technology.

As a journalist, you are welcome to participate in IGEday. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get in touch.

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Marie Ideström,

About IGEday

IGEday (short for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day) is organized annually by the Womengineer Foundation. The purpose is to increase interest in technology among young girls and non-binary individuals by inviting participants to visit companies for study visits. This year, IGEday takes place on March 31st when 84 companies open their doors at around 100 locations throughout Sweden.

About Womengineer

Womengineer is a foundation that works to increase the number of girls in technical education. The goal is to have an equal number of female engineers graduating as male engineers by 2030, as we believe that gender equality within the engineering profession will benefit both growth and welfare in all countries.

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